About LePod

China is where tea originated. Tea making and drinking enjoy a long history in China as well as other parts of the world. Tea is widely believed to be one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest, drink. However, brewing a great cup of tea takes time and efforts and commands considerable knowledge: Unlike coffee, different teas should be brewed differently.

LePod is based on the concept of “single-cup brewing”, which encapsulates original, whole-leaf, loose tea into airtight leCups. Each leCup contains a perfect portion of tea leaves to make a great cup of tea. LePod is a better way to prepare teas because it not only treats different teas differently but also takes the guesswork completely out of tea brewing. The superior lePod technologies can offer you a great cup of tea in about 60 seconds with no mess and virtually no cleanup.
How Does LePod Work?
Teas can be very different from each other. Different teas have to be prepared differently to bring the best qualities of the tea leaves to the tea soups. LePod achieves so through the combinational use of leBrewer, lePass, and leCup. The magic starts with systematic research on identifying the optimal brewing parameters for each and every tea we offer. The identified parameters are encoded in lePass, which informs the leBrewer of how to brew a certain tea. The original, whole-leaf, loose tea is encapsulated in airtight leCups, with the corresponding lePass, which is currently implemented with matrix code (a.k.a. 2D barcode), printed on the top covers. Choose the leCup with the tea your prefer; put it in the leBrewer. LeBrewer will read and interpret the lePass and learn how to best brew the tea. All you need to do is to decide whether you want your tea strong or mild. Wait for about 60 second and you will be enjoying your great cup of tea!
LeCups You Can Choose:

Currently, we offer a lineup of seven leCups, representing seven most popular teas in China. We hope you will find your favorite tea in this lineup.

One of China`s best-known green teas, Dragon Well tea brews a soup with light green color, amazing aroma, sweet smell, and a refreshing taste.
Yunan Pu Erh is a dark tea that originated more than 2000 years ago. It is renowned for an earthy, slightly sweet after-taste.
The Keemun Black Tea brews a deep red soup. It is celebrated for its velvety texture and warming taste. Overall a very rounded tea
Blending the fragrance of green tea with the sweetness of black tea, the legendary Wuyi Rock Tea is famous for its addictive aroma and strong, rich aftertaste.
Tie Guan Yin has become one of the most popular teas in China. It is semi-fermented, with qualities of both black and green teas. It is famous for a sweet, lingering finish.
Chinese have been perfuming teas with flowers for 1200 years. Jasmine tea is green tea perfumed with jasmine flowers. Note the unmistakable jasmine scent
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